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with Nickel/Teflon Plating

I have re-engineered the Speed Axle III. The new design incorporates an under cut head to clear the double recess bore face and a larger diameter for a better bore fit. I have also added two surface finishes- EL Nickel and EL Nickel/Teflon

See the details on the AXLES page.

You will need Java® to run the Winderby Axle Alignment Assistant


How could we possible improve on something that is already the best?

You just might be surprised...

As you dig your heels into the wonderful world of Pinewood Derby® racing keep in mind that the pinewood derby is a wonderful opportunity for both adults and children to learn a great deal about the Laws of Physics and have some serious fun along the way. After all, the pine wood derby is all about Gravity Driven Cars. You can bend or stretch the rules all you want. But you can't break the Laws of Physics. The challenge is to achieve maximum speed using Physics as your fuel and Gravity as your engine. It's important that you make sure you fully understand and stay within the rules of the race while pushing the envelope. But equally important is understanding what the rules don't say. This is where the fun starts. You can exploit your creativity and knowledge of physical law to your benefit.


Look for these inspirational guys scattered throughout the site. They will have important information or links that will help you learn along the way. You'll find there aren't really any tricks, secrets or magic ingredients that will make your car faster than the next guy. Any advantage is gained as a result of physics and good ol' elbow grease.

“Opportunity is missed by most people
because it is dressed in overalls
and looks like work.”
—Thomas Alva Edison

So whether this is your first time or if you're a seasoned trophy holder your first stop should be my EDGE-ucation page. Download the Lectures and test your knowledge.

Hodges Hobby House (WinDerby) is dedicated to helping kids and parents understand how to achieve maximum speed by combining quality craftsmanship and knowledge of physics to win the Pinewood Derby®. We take a lot of pride in providing derby enthusiasts of all ages with the best pine wood derby supplies and accessories on the market. I also try to provide the service and knowledge to achieve this goal. WinDerby has, literally, tens of thousands of satisfied customers (a great many with shiny new trophies). I attribute much of our success to the skill of the builders, their knowledge of physics and the valuable customer feedback for new and improved products.

We strive to build the finest "Made in the USA" pine wood derby supplies and accessories to keep you in the winner's circle year after year. Our lathe turned speed wheels and speed axles are among the best and fastest in the industry. I, personally, turn each and every one of our wheels and polish every axle to ensure hand crafted quality.No mass production here!


Every one of my Speed Wheels are hand polished and finished off with my WinDerby™ Exclusive SlickSilver™ Pro Bore Treatment. SlickSilver™ is a wheel bore treatment that I developed using my proprietary blend of Graphite and Molybdenum. My process creates a wheel bore finish that is ultra smooth, ultra slick and shines like a mirror!

We use the Official BSA Pinewood Derby® wheels and axles right out of the box. For Open Class and Outlaw competition, we offer custom machined speed wheels and speed axles as well. Our GM-Lube is the Original Custom Blend of Graphite and Moly created by Hugh Hodges.

IMPORTANT: The products and construction techniques described are all developed to improve the performance of your pine wood derby cars. Please consult your local racing rules as some of the methods and / or products may be not be allowed.

I have to share with you a site that is dedicated to dispelling myth and assumptions regarding the Physics of Gravity Driven Cars. Dr. John Jobe has written a book called "The Physics of the Pinewood Derby - With Engineering Applications". I was blown away with his 15 years of research and practical application of mathematics. This may be a little too technical for the casual derby builder. But anyone with even a hint of curiosity about how things REALLY work will find his works fascinating.
Dr. Jobe is publishing a series of lectures based on his research and hands-on lab experimentation. They are written in an easy to understand format. You can download them for FREE at:
Check them out.

If the lectures only wet your whistle then the book will keep you up all night. This will be a great resource for both the novice and the pro to expand their thinking and learn a great deal.

Most of our pine wood derby supplies and accessories are geared toward the BSA Cub Scout Grand Prix cars. However, many are suitable for other groups and derby cars: Awana, Christian Service Brigade, Royal Ambassador, YMCA Indian Guides and others. As pinewood derby event grow in popularity many independent groups are organizing events as well. It's a great source of creativity and fun for kids and adults alike.


Think about this for a moment.. Wouldn't it be great if you had a list of just 12 critical measurements and a software simulator to virtually tweak you car to peak performance before you even touch the track?

Then you gotta check this out!

Measuring Parameters for the Virtual Race was created by Dr. John Jobe as a companion to his Virtual Racing and Gravity Driven Car Design software CD. The information and software tools will teach you about the 12 critical measures and how to apply them to the Software. Each measure is just one piece of a rather complex puzzle. And this program will show how changing just one parameter can affect the rest. Like we've been saying, "There isn't any one magic bullet that will put you over the top. It's the understanding of a combination of many measures and their interactions". Make no mistake - This is a very sophisticated yet easy to use analytical tool that applies 15 years of research into a "fill-in-the-blank" format that will perform all of the calculations and let you tweak to your hearts content with a the click of a mouse. Explore and Learn.

Good Stuff - No Fluff!

You may order with confidence and PRIVACY using our secure on-line cart and most major credit cards. Or, if you prefer, you may mail your order. All sales are backed by our "No Quibble Guarantee".

Scattered throughout the site you will find suggestions and hints on building a fast Pinewood Derby® car.


September 17, 2015

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A Very Important Note:

While our products will help you to enhance the performance of your pinewood derby car we can't guarantee a first place trophy. Remember that there are many factors that will affect the performance of your car such as alignment, weight placement and track conditions (just to name a few). Individually, each of our products are just one piece of a puzzle. When you put them all together with patience, skill, love and laughter, you're a guaranteed winner every time.

Prior to making your purchase, I ask that you take the time to make sure that the products you buy are allowed by your local rules and regulations . This will save us both a lot of unnecessary expense, not to mention sparing your child's hurt feelings.

Now go have some fun and remember.." It's all about the kids"

Jerry & Tracy Petrotto
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P.S. Drop us an email any time. We welcome your product feedback and suggestions to help make your derby experience fun and fast. Both your feedback and your business is greatly appreciated.

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Lots O' Links...

Here are some helpful links with some good information that may help you along the way. Let me know if you have a favorite I should add to the list.

PINEWOOD DERBY PHYSICS When I say "arm yourself with knowledge" this was way more than I expected. WOW! If you're serious about pinewood derby physics this book is a must. "THE PHYSICS OF THE PINEWOOD DERBY BOOK - The days are over for tips, hints, old wives' tales, and all the other rumors that accompany the popular pinewood derby racing scenario. Rather than superstition and hearsay, we can now share facts with our kids based on physics and natural laws. The large library-quality simulated leather-bound Physics of the Pinewood Derby book captures 15 years of professional research and development on the dynamics of gravity- driven model race cars. The equations of motion have been solved for various types of tracks and cars, even large gravity-driven cars with drivers. And practical designs are presented based on subjects that range from friction studies, wind tunnel testing, and statistical analyses."


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Pinewood Professor: Pinewood Derby Super Site - Pinewood Derby Car Design, Weighting, Wheel and Axle modifications, Tuning - Everything you need to know to WIN this YEAR !

The effects of weight placement on pinewood derby cars. Written by a scout for a science project. Very Good.

The physics of the Pinewood If you want to know why it works, check this out.

All About Fast Pinewood Derby Cars by Michael Lastufka

Pinewood Derby Super Site Teaching Our Youth Creativity...... Sharing the Thrill of Racing and the Lessons of Sportsmanship ...... The Pinewood Derby Experience.

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Pinewood Derby Car Design by Stan Pope (Quality information. Excellent site)

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