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A good scale can be a very useful tool. Maximum weightis an important factor in the construction of a winning car. The closer you can get to the maximum weight limit, the more potential energy you will have to release. "Cars with more mass can store more Potential Energy to be converted to Kinetic Energy". It's the release of that energy that carries you to the finish line. .

Let's keep all this weight stuff in perspective. Kinetic energy is 1/2 Mv2, so the car with more mass M must also have a slower velocity v for energy to stay constant. A fraction of a gram doesn't make a huge difference at the finish line but one gram can easily mean the difference between winning and losing because of the high accuracy of race timing devices. If you do the math, 1 gram (0.03 oz) can still makes about 1/8" difference at the finish line and some race timers measure 10 times closer than this. So, if you are really sloppy with your weight management and go in with a 4 oz car, you can be behind over ½ car length or 4" at the finish line.

So, what is the actual importance of optimizing weight?

a) It is about the same importance as friction control (lubrication)
b) It is about the same importance as air drag control (streamlining)
c) The person inspecting your car (weighing) thinks it is a lot more important (like Aristotle-Lecture 1) and he is the judge.
d) Its a lot easier to get maximum weight, compared to optimizing a) or b).

Keep in mind - the weight of your car is just 1 more piece of a puzzle that has many interdependent pieces.

Every object with mass that can be affected by gravity has Potential Energy PEg = mgh. If your derby car is in a position to be affected by gravity (resting at the start pin), it has gravitational potential energy. Once the car is in motion it has velocity and the Potential Energy is converted to Kinetic Energy KE = (1/2)mv2, which is the energy of motion. There is a direct relation between gravitational potential energy and the height of an object; the higher that an object raised above the the ground, the greater the gravitational potential energy.

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We offer a precision Mechanical Counter Balance Scale to help you to maximize your cars weight for the best performance possible. I've tested these scales myself so that I can assure your satisfaction with quality and performance at an affordable price.


The COUNTER BALANCE CB500 is a unique precision scale of laboratory-type accuracy that is ideal for home, group or laboratory use. A great value.

  • Accuracy is 1 gram or 1/32 of an ounce.
  • Maximum capacity is 17 ounces or 500 grams
  • Weighs ounces, grams, troy and postal rates
  • Comes with interchangeable index strips
  • Adjustable zero set
  • No springs - this is a counter balance
  • Made from tough polymer with beryllium-copper bearings
  • Folds compactly for storage
  • Usual retail - $30.95TOP
  • Item #H60


    WINDERBY POCKET SCALE PRO / 200g x 0.01g

    Batteries and 100g Calibration Weight INCLUDED

    Need even more accuracy? The WinDerby Pocket Scale Pro is perfect for very precise weight measurements. This unit displays accurate weight right down to .0005 ounces or 0.01 grams.
    The new SC200 has a crisp L.C.D. display with a sharp blue backlight. The buttons are also accessible with the car in place. The folding case design fully protects the buttons, display and weighing surface for storage ensuring year after year of perfect performance.
    The scale is powered by 2 AAA batteries (included).

  • Capacity: 200gm /7.1oz
  • Display Resolution: 0.01g / 0.0005oz
  • Stainless Steel Weighing Platform
  • Units: g, oz, ozt, dwt, ct, gn
  • Auto calibration with 100gm weight (included)
  • Low battery indicator
  • Size: 3" W x 4.7" D x 0.75" H ( when closed)
  • Weighing Platform Size: 2.5" x 2.5"
  • 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • 0.01 GRAMS or 0.0005 OUNCES! ...WOW! TOP

    Item #WD200G

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    Was $37.95

    NOW $29.95



    Check the accuracy of your scale. This high quality weight is calibrated to +/- 0002 ounces. You can use this to verify the accuracy of the check in scale to eliminate questions of accuracy.

    Please note that this weight can not be used to calibrate the WinDerby Digital scales. You will need a 100 gram weight that is included with the scale. You can order a replacement calibration weight below.

    The design of the weight may vary as suppliers change

    Accuracy: 5 oz, +/- 0.0002 ounces


    Item #W5OZ



    The WinDerby Pocket Scales require a 100 gram calibration weight to re calibrate the scale This is an exact replacement for the weight that comes with the WinDerby Pocket scales.

    The design of the weight may vary as suppliers change.

    Accuracy: 100 gm, +/- 0.002 gm


    Item #W100G

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    January 13, 2014

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