Hodges Graphite/Moly

Still the best G/M blend on the market

LUBRICATE, LUBRICATE, LUBRICATE - Hodges Graphite-Moly Lube formula is the slickest yet. We mix our own using the original Hodges formula. The Molybdenum additive, in it's powdered form, has a very low coefficient of friction and when blended in the proper proportions enhances the lubricating effects of the graphite. A good Graphite- Moly blend will reduce the coefficient of friction from about 0.24 (smooth plastic on metal) to approximately 0.1 or even less than .06 with properly prepared axles and hub bores. Many have tried to imitate (I should be flattered) but none have matched.

Remember - Even the best G/M is only 1 piece of the puzzle. Arm Yourself with Knowledge - The Physics of pinewood derby

I have decided to add something new
to the standard G/M Lube kit.

While all of the WinDerby™ Speed wheels are prepared with my SlickSilver™ Pro Bore Treatment there are those of you who cannot use my prepared wheels due to rule restrictions. So I have added another tool to the G/M kit to help prepare the wheel bore surface for optimal performance.

The derby industry directs a lot of attention to the type of lube (which is important) but fails to focus on the proper application. The addition of the bore polishing rods show how you can properly apply a very durable finish of G/M to the inside of the wheel bore. With proper application you can further reduce the coefficient of friction between the wheel bore and axle surface.

Sliding friction in the wheel bore is the enemy of speed. Minimize Friction and Maximize Speed.

Again, there is no one single element that will create a winning car. It is a combination of many interdependent measures. The proper lube is essential. But equally important is the method of application and the preparation of the mating surfaces.

Hodges Original Formula G/M Lube. STILL THE BEST

- Jerry

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Notice: Puffer Bulb is discontinued. The brush is far more effective for dabbing GM into the bore. The Puffer tends to "Puff" it out the other side. That's probably how it got its name.


I have tested dozens of lubricants for pine wood cars and this is the best (meaning fastest). G-M lube (no relation to General Motors!) is my personal blend of an industrial quality graphite with molybdenum disulfide (commonly called "moly"). Moly acts like millions of microscopic "ball bearings" enhancing the performance of the graphite and making it unbelievably slick. This is a dry lubricant that looks like regular graphite, only much faster!

The kit includes .25 oz of my Original Formula G-M Lube in a vial with a brush for dabbing application, a pair of bore polishing rods and a real cotton pipe cleaner to polish the inside surface of the wheel hub (important), and instructions (download instructions).

This is the original Hodges formula graphite-moly lubricant for pine wood cars. Perfected by Hugh and ready for you.

IMPORTANT: As with any fine powder, dust or airborne particulate you should always wear protection to prevent inhaling. Always wash your hands after use. Clean up afterwards and never use around food or near surfaces where food is prepared. "And, keep your fingers out of your mouth".


.25 oz Kit with
Brush, Polishing Rods and Cotton Pipe Cleaner

Item #H26


.25 oz GM-Lube Only

Item #H27


1 oz GM-Lube Only

Item #H28


Polising Rods

Polishing Rods (Pack of 5)

Here are extra polishing rods.

5 Pack of Polishing Rods
with Cotton Pipe Cleaner

Item #H25


Polising Rods

Pre-Coated Polishing Rods with Tapered Ends
(Pack of 5)

Your emails and phone calls have not fallen on deaf ears. By polular demand I have added pre-coated polishing rods to our offering. These are coated and polished with my GM lube. The end of the polishing rod has a slight taper to make the insertion into the bore much easier. Remember to keep the drill speed SLOW. You don't want to create heat. The rod is a tight fit and will need to compress.

5 Pack of Polishing Rods
with Cotton Pipe Cleaner

Item #H25GM



January 13, 2014

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